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MySisterR Heuristic Evaluation

As a non brick-and-mortar operation, the success of the business relies heavily on the experience consumers have online. 



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My Sister R is a small online health and beauty retailer that focuses on transparency, and natural ingredients within their products. For this project, Amy Ly and I worked with Rodeth Morse the owner of MySisterR to provide recommendations for her brand and the business's website.  The MySisterR website has considerably low traffic compared to the Facebook page.


As a part of providing recommendations for MySisterR, I conducted a heuristic evaluation using Jakob Nielsen's Usability Heuristics and assisted building a prototype to demonstrate the changes to design and SEO. 

Review from the MySisterR Facebook page


"Had to text to let you know I used your conditioner in hair tow nights ago. I brushed it in after her bath. For the first time in basically forever I didn't need to use any spray detangler. I put it up in a ponytail and usually after two nights of sleeping on it and running around all day it's a knotted mess. As you can see, it still looks great with NO tangles and we haven't brushed it once in two days."

Based off of MySisterR's branding and reviews, consumers visit the website to find products for a certain purpose that other brands do not offer. This may be because of allergens or simply other brand products not working with the consumer. As a part of the heuristic evaluation I focused on the task of finding and checking out an item. 


In terms of usability heuristics, I focused on 5 heuristics to look at pain points of the website. 

For SEO related activities, I utilized the prototype and multiple SEO trackers to demonstrate how changing multiple of the meta-descriptions, slugs, headers, and other parts of the site can improve website traffic from search engines.  I utilized multiple SEO scoring pages as a comparison. 

Heuristic Evaluation 

Shop Page.png
Product Page.png


1. Visibility of System Status

  • Usage of headers and sub-headers to indicate where the user is within the store

  • Location of store updates is easily missed with a lack of hierarchy in text and importance


2. User Control and Freedom 

  • Users are not presented with a back to to the top button to return to navigation bar. User must scroll all the way back to the top of the page

  • Minus and Plus buttons allows users to easily adjust the quantity of their items


3. Consistency and Standards

  • Headers do not follow similar format and navigation cuts off some of the text

  • Brand presentation is a little inconsistent throughout the site. Some product images includes text. Some text and the footer uses colors not within the brand color scheme


4. Flexibility and Efficiency of Use

  • Users are not presented with a way to filter through items other than the navigation

  • Shopping for items are not personalized with users settings and preferences. Does not show best sold items


5. Recognition Rather than Recall

  • Users are not able to see their past checkout history with the store. There is no login system

  • About section does not exist within the navigation. Users may not know it exist as they would have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the store

  • Products page does not contain information on ingredients or defining descriptors. Descriptors exist mostly on the store page subheading, except for a select few


Rating: 16/25


When redesigning MySisterR, Amy and I thought about how to keep a lot of the integrity of the original website. We tried to make a palette based off of the brand and keep some of the titles and information similar in style.​


Landing Page

  • Added a best sellers display to help recommend and direct users to purchase products

  • Important information archived at the top of the screen so users can easily find

  • Login option at the top right allows users to view previous orders and save account information

Shop Section

  • Filter options added to allow users to easily find items

  • Shop page follows a conventional layout that most online shoppers would be used to

  • Website color scheme matches branding scheme

product page.jpg

Information Pages

  • Added the about section, contact section, and blog section to navigation for ease of access

  • Navigation bar scrolls with the page for ease of access


Product Page

  • Added descriptions to every item and list of ingredients 

  • Suggests related products to users 

  • Implemented a review section to receive feedback from users 

About Page.jpg


Amy and I received positive feedback from the consumers of MySisterR. Rodeth Morse also loved the presentation of the redesign, but have not implement it because she does not have the time to. She has since added descriptions and ingredients to most of the products.

In terms of search engine optimization, overall the prototype did better than the old site. The prototype scored 50% above the previous one using the SEO Web Page Analyzer. In another source, Hubspot website grader tool, the website scored full points whereas the original site was missed a lot of the points. The scoring was fixed through the usage of  meta-descriptions, SEO titling, key phrasing. The score was lower than expected for the prototype, but understandable with the misuse of headings. Fixes should have included image attributes.

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